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Social Media

An information guide for parents in respect of the soical media app SNAPChAT. has been issued. The guide informs parents abut the dangers associated with the social media platform and  how they can reduce the associated risks, including sexting, snap map and snap streaks.

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Communication with parents via email

The Data Protection Act requires Hill Park School to take measures to send personal and sensitive information via email in a secure way, even if it is only a child’s name, and so we therefore encrypt all emails containing this information, whenever it is sent to anyone outside the school email environment.  This is called Egress Encryption. 

If you receive an email from us, and you do not already have an Egress account, you will need to log in to Egress (Switch) and create an account for the first time - this will enable you to open the encrypted email.  

This is a quick process and instructions on how to do this will be attached to the email you receive or have received.  Once this account is created, you will be able to access any future emails by entering your email address and password.

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