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Reading Comprehension




1. Pop art at home. Find a tin of food in your cupboard at home. This might be baked beans, soup or spaghetti hoops.

Draw it in pencil then colour it in with bright colours, remember to outline it with bold black lines. 

2. A view through your window. Look out of a window at home and draw what you see. Try to get the proportions and perspective by really looking at what you can see. Colour in your drawing with colouring pencils or shade it with a pencil.

3. Create a 3D landscape with recycled packaging like cereal boxes, clean empty food packaging. If you have paint you can paint each section or cover it with tissue paper. Try collaging with magazine pictures and colouring with felt tips.

4. Create a comic strip - create a character and draw your character in a cartoon style. Think of a story line and draw boxes to sequence the story in. Use speech bubbles and some text to tell the story.

5. Research an artist of your choice. Do an artist copy in an any medium you have.


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