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Physical Education

At Hill Park, regardless of physical disability, we believe that all pupils should have an opportunity to access a wide range of physical activities.

For some pupils PE provides a unique opportunity to improve an individual’s sense of self-esteem, develop skills to work as part of a team and to encourage a sense of fair play. For others it enables them to experience different ways of moving their bodies and being in a space, and developing new gross and fine motor skills. 

Pupils are encouraged to understand rules and to develop an interest in , or experience of, maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

We are fortunate to have excellent links with facilities in the local community. Pupils have the opportunity to swim at the King Alfred leisure centre in Hove, Wadurs in Shoreham or The Towers pool ,as well as the use the sports hall at Henfield Sports Centre and Waterhall football pitch.Some pupils enjoy horseriding or rebound therapy. 

On Friday mornings Secondary pupils on the lower site have Moving On sessions , where they experience a wider curriculum offer and enjoy bowling , cricket , golf , water activities at Hove Lagoon and rock climbing. The majority of these activities are accessible to less mobile pupils and pupils who are wheelchair users. 

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