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ICT (Information Communication Technology)

All of our pupils use software and ICT to access a wide range of curriculum areas, preparing them for the moder world. All classroom have SMARTBOARDS or whiteboards so that pupils can engage with ICT based learning and resources, with Upper site  having a computer in every classroom and tewo banks of Wi-F laptop computers that can be used. Ipads are also available for use in classrooms

Some pupils use switches to operate communication devices, powered wheelchairs, computer software and games and toys and sensory equipment. Others use and communicate digital information so that they can use the Internet and other communications essential to modern life.

All pupils need to be taught about being safe when using all forms of electronic messaging, the internet and mobile phones and this is incorporated into ICT lessons.  All classrooms have adult filtering settings on the internet. 

Students  have access to the network and some secondary students have their own password. For many, as they learn to use the Internet and e-mail, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. Students apply their skills at home by accessing websites that help with homework and leisure activities.    learning how to use online photo editing software to manipulate images to their desire as well as revisiting their coding skills in designing and creating their own video games. Some can also increase the range of friends and social contacts through e-mailing, while at the same time practising their writing skills.


Our students use the school virtual learning environment, DB Primary, to maintain online blogs and familiarise themselves in using email software in a safe environment. This closely links to building their knowledge and understanding of internet safety when using various forms of technology, thus ensuring our students have a strong understanding to keeping safe when online. 

The school endeavours to provide every pupil with the opportunity to leave school with a qualification in ICT, whether an AQA qualification in using switches or an Entry Level Qualification in Computing and Programming. In  Key Stage 4, students will gain the opportunity to achieve an ICT functional skills qualification. This qualification can range from between Entry level 1-3, where students learn how to apply ICT skills to everyday situations using real-life contexts. These take place in the form of an assessed task which can take place at various stages through the school year. 

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