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All pupils at Hill Park have French on their curriulcum. 

On the lower site the pupils in the Secondary department have Modern Foreign Languages in their Topic Cycle. Within this they may study France and they will experience French music , foods , and imagery , with some pupils learning a few simple phrases or words. 

On the upper site pupils have French lessons delivered by a specialist teacher where they learn vocabulary and simple converstaional French. 

In Years 9, 10 and 11, students at Hill Park build on the language skills they’ve learnt in Lower KS3 with a particular emphasis listening, speaking and responding. Lessons are taught by a specialist languages teacher to those students who are able to access the learning of a second language at this level.  

At the end of Year 11, there is the opportunity to put coursework towards the WJEC Humanities Pathway qualification. The focus is on language that will be useful in French speaking countries and the fostering of intercultural understanding by learning about Francophone culture, customs and cuisine. Vocabulary is presented in a variety of ways with lots of games and activities. Links are drawn with other languages, including English, and role-play enables students to consolidate language structures and to work well with others.  

WJEC Modules include: 

  • Introducing yourself, family and friends 

  • Talking in French about where people live  

  • Being a tourist in a French speaking country

  • Being a tourist in a French speaking country 

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